Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, all Christian denominations, NPOs and corporate business groups are welcome to rent the facility. Some NPOs/NGOs and companies enjoy the quietness of the Retreat Centre to hold their conferences and facilitate training sessions. 

Yes, of course. Our retreats are formed by the Roman Catholic tradition and all persons that are seeking to deepen their relationship with the Lord are welcome to attend the retreats. 

The rooms in our Retreat Centre are furnished with beds, nightstands, a desk and a chair. You will be provided with bedding and towels but please bring your own toiletries e.g. shampoo, soap, shower gel.

We recommend that you bring warm clothes in winter with you as the building is from the 19th century and can depending on the season be chilly. We would also recommend that you bring a journal, a pen and a book you would like to read and reflect on with you. 

We have a library on site which is open during office hours. 

All our electrical plugs are 3 point plugs so we recommend that you bring your own 2 point adaptor with you if needed. 

Mass is celebrated every Sunday morning at 9 am in the Chapel on the 1st Floor of the Retreat Centre. All guests are welcome to attend the Mass. Daily Mass is offered at Nazareth House next door every morning at 9 am. 

All guests are welcome to make use of our Chapel for quiet time, reflection and prayer. The Chapel is open at all times to our guests. Please be mindful that Holy Mass is celebrated every Sunday morning from 9 am to 10 am in the Chapel. 

Wi-Fi is available throughout the Retreat Centre (except during load shedding). Guests will be given the Wi-Fi password on request. Please note that depending on the retreat that you are attending, the retreat director may ask that you are not using your devices unless absolutely necessary. In this case, the retreat director will be given the Wi-Fi password for you to obtain. 

There are no Television screens in the rooms or the Retreat Centre nor are there any telephones in the rooms. 

We do have a LED screen in the Main Hall which is available for display purposes for conferences. On request, groups may use this screen for their evening entertainment as well. 

Our Retreat Centre provides a peaceful and sacred environment to grow in your faith and your relationship with God. Depending on the retreat that you are attending, there will be periods of silence and sharing with others. Some people prefer quiet contemplation and prayer. Therefore we ask our retreat guests to keep noise to a minimum, especially in the bedrooms, passages and the Chapel. However complete silence is not necessary. We just ask our guests to be mindful of other guests and also of the permanent residents on our premises. 

There is ample space for parking on the field at Nazareth House next door which is accessible through the back of the Retreat Centre. The field is close to the 24 hour guard that is stationed next to the entrance at the gate.

While we have some retired priests living on the premises, we do not have a resident priest onsite that is available to the Retreat Centre at all times. You may ask the priest that is celebrating Mass at 9 am to arrange for a time to hear your confession or alternatively speak to the Retreat Centre Manager to make an appointment with one of the priests in the surrounding parishes. 

St Luke’s Retreat Centre is housed in a three-storey building from the 19th century. Unfortunately we do not have any guests room that are wheel chair accessible and sometimes the design of the building makes navigation via a wheel chair very difficult. 

All of our guest rooms are on the 1st and 2nd floor of the building. Please let us know if you require a guest room on the 1st floor when making a booking. 

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