SACBC Sabbatical Programme 2024 – Week 2

Every two years the South African Catholic Bishop’s conference offers a 3 month sabbatical programme to priests and religious sisters that have been in ministry for more than 10 years. 

Since Monday 8th of April 2024, 21 priests and religious sisters are attending the sabbatical programme which this year is hosted at St Luke’s Retreat Centre in Port Elizabeth. The sabbatical programme offers an opportunity for renewal in ministry and is designed to provide rest and a peaceful environment so that the participants can prayerfully reflect on their vocation and ministry. During the 3 months, every week focuses on a different aspect and different presenters are invited each week to journey with the participants. Each day begins with prayer and Holy Mass and is then followed on weekdays with presentations on topics that range from scripture to Mission and Synodality as well as leadership and mindfulness. Segments are also offered on leading a healthy lifestyle and spiritual direction is offered every week. On weekends there are some outings planned in and around Port Elizabeth well.  

SACBC Sabbatical Programme 2024

Currently we are in the second week of the sabbatical programme and are joined by Fr Charles Brown S.C.J from the USA who is presenting a weeklong course.

Fr Charles Brown S.C.J was ordained in 1984 and is a member of the Priests of the Sacred Heart. He holds a PhD in New Testament and Christian Origins from Loyola University of Chicago.  He has been on the faculty of Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology in Hales Corners WI, USA since 1998. His fields of expertise are the Letters of St. Paul, The Synoptic Gospels and the Historical Jesus.

During the sabbatical programme Fr Charles will focus on ST. PAUL, PASTOR OF THE NEW CREATION. He will help participants to reflect on the world and theology of Paul the Apostle, reflecting on several keys that open doors to enable us to understand more fully the ideas and concerns of the Apostle as expressed in his letters.  With that foundation, as time allows and based on specific Pauline texts, he will examine threads of Pauline theology and spirituality, always reflecting the pastoral application of St. Paul’s theology and spirituality in his world and, most vitally, in our own.