SACBC Sabbatical Programme 2024 – Week 3

Self-transformation at St Luke's

A journey of Self- Transformation. A week of inviting the Lord to speak to us through our creativity – inspiring in us growth, awakening and transforming ourselves in ways pleasing to our God – this is the topic for week 3 of the Sabbatical Programme facilitated by Lisa Faith Augustine. 

Lisa Faith Augustine is a catholic life coach specialising in transformative workshops, talks and one on one coaching. She works with children in school settings and adults in all spheres of life, particularly educators. 

Throughout the first half of the week, the participants have engaged in guided mindful exercises, art activities like mandalas or collages and could choose how to express themselves artistically through poems, journaling or creating vision boards.

In the second half the week, the focus shifted to addressing forgiveness and healing as integral parts of the self-transformation process.

This was facilitated through forgiveness meditations and healing visualisation as well as art activities like writing a letter of forgiveness or creating a healing collage as well as a choice of painting and sculpting.

Each day was centered around a verse from scripture. Let us pray for the participants of the sabbatical programme that they will be renewed through grace to return to their ministries after the sabbatical.